CVPS custom pistons are manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy as per Compressor specific requirement. Accuracy is maintained in all fronts:- Weight, dimensions, raw material to provide best working and reduced friction and non expansion of custom pistons Our custom pistons sets are available in flat top, dome top, reverse dome top, hollow dome top and other unique designs. With custom pistons set you can maintain the bore size, compression ratio, ring groove widths, piston pin size, valve pocket depth, and pin location to work with crankshaft stroke and connecting rod lengths.

1. Available in cast iron and aluminum alloys.

2. Lubricated and non-lubricated pistons.

3. These bearings have high load carrying capacity and heat dissipation ability.

4. Designed to take piston rod load.

5. Special Aluminum alloy material to give a good bearing surface having extended life.

Piston Rods

Piston Rod from certified alloy or stainless steel and are machined to the closest tolerances. We manufacture flame-hardened Piston Rod where it passes through the packing. As wear occurs, the rod could be plated with tungsten carbide, which should last the life of the Piston Rod, Some rods are also chrome plated. Highpressure Compressors often have the rod extended through the piston and out the cylinder head to balance the pressure load (rod load) on the piston. Such an extended-through rod is called a tail rod.

A complete line of pistons and piston rods for different brands Lubricated and non-lubricated Compressors are in stock ready for immediate shipment.

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