Piston Ring

CVPS manufactures a comprehensive range of Compressor Piston Rings and Rider Rings for 20mm to 950mm cylinder ,produced in range of Composition of Special Polymer Compound for Non-Lubricated reciprocating Compressors used for compression of process gases , corrosive gases , “Bone-Dry” / boil-off hydrocarbon gases/ dry natural gas, LNG in the oil, petrochemicals , cryogenic, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle-blowing and related industries.

Successfully developed lot of different grade composition of PEEK plastic for manufacturing Piston Rings and Rider Rings suitable for use in high temperature resistant.

Material used in Piston Rings and Rider Rings are Cast Iron, Carbon filled PTFE, Bronze filled PTFE, Glass Filled PTFE, etc. for various applications in both Lubricating and Non Lubricating Compressors to give perfect working.

Hard chromium Electro- deposit on the periphery of Cast Iron rings is done, where require, to achieve high abrasive wear .

Packing Ring

Packing Rings: by using new breed polymer alloy of self-lubricating materials ,the life -expectancy has been raised, acceptable life to the higher pressure stages.

Radial / tangent pair with a radial cut back up rings. The radial cut front rings faces the cylinder pressure and is designed to allow the air / gas to enter the seal camber and pressure actuate the tangent cut ring on the piston rod. Tangent cut rings performs the majority of the sealing. Radial cut ring seals leakage through the tangent ring joint. The Back up rings is manufactured with a slight rod clearance cut so that no pressure actuated on the piston rod. This rings removes any possibility of extrusion of the main sealing rings between the packing cup bore and piston rod.

We carry a large inventory of packing and wipers in different styles and materials ranging from 1 1/8" to 2 1/2" rod size.*Larger sizes up to 5" on request.

Oil Scrapper Ring

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