The crankshaft is the heart of the machine, and usually the most expensive component. Each throw is forged and counterweights are bolted on to balance the reciprocating mass of the crosshead and piston.

G.Polysois compressor, Goldner compressor,
Grasso compressor, Gardner-Denver compressor
Grimmer Schmidt compressor Hitachi compressor
Holpak compressor, Holman-Climex compressor
Hydrovane compressor,Hydra ,Ingersoll-Rand
IHI compressor, Inaoka compressor
Joy-IHI compressor, Josf-Mahrer compressor
J.P Sauer compressor,J.A.Backer compressor,

Our manufactured CROSSHED is made of individual alluminum alloy casting , Steel Castings, Our cross heads are fully machined with proper tolerance to maintain clearance between Crosshead and guide (Distance Piece). The crossheads are having fine pitch to match the thread with Piston rod. Crossheads are inspected for distortion, cracks, and damaged threads. The shoes have lining with babbit and machined to the correct specifications.

Jaeger compressor,Kaji compressor, Kobe compressor
Khosla compressor, Kwansingh compressor, Kirloskar compressor
Kellog compressor, Kohler & Horter compressor, Kobe-Sulzr
KMK-Kurt compressor,Kaiser compressor,Kobelco compressor
Linde-Surth compressor,LMF compressor,Leroi compressor
Mukuni-Jukogyo compressor, Mitsubishi compressor,
Maco-Meudon compressor, Messeer compressor, Macccaniche
Mycom compressor,Machineubau compressor,Mannessman compressor
Mcquay compressor,Mills compressor,Miytsui compressor,
Mark compressor,Mattei compressor,Multiquip compressor
NEAC compressor, Neumn & Essar compressor, Nuovo Pignone
Norwalk compressor, Nikko-Sulzer compressor
Origin-Mikuni compressor,Poznam compressor, Pitter
Prestcold compressor,Polimex-cekop compressor,Pacemaker
Pureaire compressor,Quiri compressor, Quency compressor
Reavell compressor,Russian compressor,Rhein Kalte compressor
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